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Mon, 03/23/2015 - 00:31

Hi there,

i try to change the black layer on the pictures, because images getting dark, i want the same color of the images as they are, how can i do that?
And finaly, see the code below starting on line 103 of index-onepage.html template:

<div class="home-fullscreen tb">
<ul class="home-slider" data-background="awe-parallax">
<div class="image-wrap">
<img src="images/slider/background.jpg" alt="">
<div class="slider-content text-center">
<p><img src="images/start.png" alt=""></p>


when i start the page, start.png is to see twice, one as original size and one in biger size as background of the original size, i want to use it only one time as original size, how can i do that?

Thanks in advance.


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Mon, 03/23/2015 - 15:19

1. To remove the black overlay, please open file script.js, search and remove the following code:

.append('<div class="awe-overlay overlay-default"></div>');

2. Also open file script.js then remove the following code:

// custom slider img
var background = $('.home-slider').data('background');
$('.home-slider li img')
.before(function () {
var srcImg = $(this).attr('src');
return '<div class="item-img ' + background + '" style="background-image: url(' + srcImg + ')">';
.append('<div class="awe-overlay overlay-default"></div>');

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