Suddenly Problems

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Wed, 10/21/2015 - 19:42
Suddenly Problems

Hello, i bought Ambrosia template with Envateo Martket (Purchase code: 0a8143d1-f3c0-4612-ad03-88969896c542)
I´ve made a website and it was working properly but suddenly i have some problems with it, if you visit you can see the the menu on the right is not working, you can´t open the menu. Also if you go down in the index page in the part where you can read “asesoria financiera” and you have some pictures, the blue squares on the right are cut and users are not able to read the whole text and see the whole picture…
In local it works properly, in fact it was working properly also online, what have happened??
Thanks in advanced
Carolina G.A.

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Thu, 10/22/2015 - 16:49


We check your site and see eveything still works well

the menu:

Image title

and the pictures (not sure if they are the images you mentioned above)

Image title

Please send us the screenshots of the issue

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