Social Icons color

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Social Icons color

Hello, I purchased Cortana theme some months before and I edited according to my requirement.


But my client needs social icons at footer to its representative colors, ie; Facebook social icon into #3B5998, twitter icon into #77C7F7 (No need to change the color when its hovered)

Footer screenshot:

Hope you will help me.

Also i would like to know how i can resolve the bug which is on header when its visited via Mobile. I found its resolved on If you can share the edit file that i need to change it will very much helpful. Otherwise i need to change all the contents and css once more from scratch, as I edited most of the files for my requirement.


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1. To change the color of social icons in footer:

Open file html, in Footer section, please search <ul class="social-list"> 

Each tag <li> represents an icon. Thus, to change the color of social icon (background color), you please add the attribute "background-color" for each

For instance,  

<li style="background-color: #3B5998;">
<li style="background-color: #77c7F7;">

If you want to change the color of the icon symbol => white,  just add class ".primary" next to class ".social-list" 

For ex,

 <ul class="social-list primary">

2. Mobile Visual Bug

Please check your email for the updated file

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Wed, 05/11/2016 - 03:44

Thanks a lot Cindy for the sharing the informations. It works perfectly.

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