Remove Section White Background

Last seen: 6 years 2 months ago
Thu, 02/26/2015 - 02:37
Remove Section White Background

I would like to know how to remove the default white background behind each section. I can't seem to locate where this is controlled. I want to use some opacity to overlap the sections a bit and have the background images barely show through but because the sections have a white background, the opacity doesn't always display as it should.

Thank you.

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Last seen: 1 year 8 months ago
Thu, 02/26/2015 - 10:14

Please remove all class in
<div class="section-wrap bg-pattern-default ...">
to <div class="section-wrap">
To add overlay. For ex, in
<section id="our-flower" class="our-flower section">
please add tag <div class="overlay-color"></div>
Ex: if you want the color for overlay is rgba(0,0,0,0.5)
<section id="our-flower" class="our-flower section">
<div class="overlay-color" style="background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5)"></div>

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