owl-banner h2 transitions

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Thu, 11/26/2015 - 02:14
owl-banner h2 transitions


The transitions between the items in the owl-banner ( home-content ) crosses between one text and the other.

Can we have a different transition? For example, typewriter, or just appearing text without a transition because it makes the letters cross and it looks ugly.

Do we have some choice over those home-content owl-banner transitions please?

Thank you, this is an amazing template!

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Last seen: 1 year 8 months ago
Thu, 11/26/2015 - 10:15

Please open file jquery.custom.js and search the code:


        autoPlay: 4000,

        slideSpeed: 1000,

        navigation: false,

        pagination: false,

        singleItem: true,

        transitionStyle: "goUp"


You can replace  transitionStyle: "goUp" with these effects: fade, goDown, backSlide, fadeUp

or remove transitionStyle: "goUp" to revert to default mode: slide

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